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Thread: Thanksgiving 2020 Atlanta

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    Thanksgiving 2020 Atlanta

    I will be riding from West Palm to Atlanta on Thanksgiving. The next day, Friday and also Saturday I am planning to take some daily rides. Or maybe ride somewhere on Friday, spent the night wherever I am, and then ride back to Atlanta on Saturday. But I will definitely be staying in Atlanta again on Saturday night and from there I will be riding back to Florida - West Palm on Sunday. Open to suggestions for routes. I am not local. (Not even American ) All I know is just internet search results, youtube videos etc etc..

    Thank you

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    Barber's Vintage Motorsports Museum Visit

    There's always Barber's Vintage Motorsports Museum ( If you're not familiar with the museum, it's located just off Exit 140 of I-20, just east of Birmingham, AL. It's the world's largest motorcycle museum, as certified by the folks at Guiness Book of World Records. They also have the world's largest collection of Lotus race cars and a lot of other neat stuff! Check it out! There's a Hampton Inn just down the road from them.
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    And 4 hours south of Barber, 9.3 miles from the Florida line, is my house, always open to MOA members... Samson Alabama, hwy 87 south, first house on the left after crossing 52.
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    If youíre able to get 1.5 hours north of Atlanta to Cleveland, GA and ride US-129 north over Blood Mountain (through Vogel State Park), itís a great stretch of road. Itís the same 129 that eventually becomes the Tail of the Dragon in NC but the stretch over Blood Mtn is every bit as enjoyable. Thereís a world of great riding in that area.

    Safe travels.

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