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Thread: Look what followed me home yesterday

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    Look what followed me home yesterday

    I seem to attract crusty neglected bikes. This one is Barn Bike 2.0 and doesn't appear to be as bad off as the original Barn Bike in my shop. I will find out just how bad it is as I work to get it running after it's 31 year slumber in the barn.
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    There does appear to be some layers (!) on it but looks like it's all there. Some of that will buff out!

    Is it an R50/2 or R60/2? The ball-end hand levers, if original, suggest something in the middle 1960s. 50K on the odometer might mean engine time??
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    Nice find! I have to admit that my first thought is, "Why can't I ever find one like that?" Oh well... great project!
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    I see it has the long-standing tradition of BMW comfort seating.
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    Quick update!

    It will need a complete engine overhaul and probably a replacement crankshaft. Much like Barn Bike 1.0 moisture built up inside the engine case and things got a little stiff. I have one cylinder off and will start working on the other one.
    I'm not sure of what color it is, I thought maybe Baby Poop Brown Metallic but whoever did the repaint they got the pinstripes almost spot on. The BMW comfort seat, high rise handle bars and the nifty highway pegs makes this a long distance cruiser!

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    REALLY REALLY NICE!!!.........Will truly motivate you to get off that dead ass and actually do somethin......SPEAKING FOR ME........Oh such a deal......God bless..........

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    Exhaust looks a little loud!

    I'm going to change that exhaust system out. It looks to be a very early Akrapovic "Sport" exhaust and I think it might be a little loud for my taste, look for it on the Flea Market in the future. I did have to dig out my handy dandy home built cylinder extractor. The left side came off fairly easy but the right side is a tad sticky so I left it laying over with a special mixture of "stuck piston in barrel loosening stuff" in the barrel. I going to clean up the heads and get them sent out for a rebuild and when I get the jugs and pistons separated and cleaned up I'll make a decision about what to do there. If nothing else this is a much needed distraction from trying to get Barn Bike 1.0 perfect and dirt free.
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    Slow as it can go

    Lot of distractions around here. It's just about as slow going as the original Barn Bike. I should have one of them running soon.
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    Got the sheet metal stripped

    I had it done at a shop a couple hours away that combines non acid chemicals and electrical current to strip the paint and eat the rust away. There is a certain amount of rust preventative in place to give me about two days after that to get some primer on it to keep it from starting to rust. I must admit it is very tempting to change course and instead of a restoration in a very very rare BMW color for 1965-66 and have no color at all. A Delorean finish?
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