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Thread: 600 Mile Service Dealer WAY overfilled oil

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    Quote Originally Posted by lawrencecarlson View Post
    Don’t know where in Philly suburbs you’re located, but you should consider Tom Cutter’s shop:
    Ohhhh that looks good! Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by epirusgr View Post
    Ohhhh that looks good! Thank you!
    Tom is as good a BMW technician as exists. Period! He was a technician trainer back when Butler and Smith was the importer. He was a tech rep for BMWNA. He has maintained a low-key independent shop for many years. He is over worked and underpaid and has more work than one person should try to handle. But if he takes your job it will be done right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GTRider View Post
    This is a two-problem service for the OP—first an incorrect fluid added to the brake fluid and second the overfill on engine oil. Those are both rookie errors and not the sort of thing one should be seeing from a BMW franchise; the OP needs to be looking to associate with a different dealer.

    On the brake fluid error- if the mistake was in mixing mineral oil (used in the hydraulic clutch system) with brake fluid then I hope a very thorough flush of the entire system was performed. The two fluids rely on different materials for seals and cross-contamination could result in a seal failure.

    Cannot tell what kind of bike the OP has, but on MY F800GT the clutch is not hydraulic but cable actuated and "mixing fluids" should not even be a consideration. If indeed they put mineral oils into the brake system I strongly agree with DeVern... Flush, flush, flush or replace.
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