I'm considering upgrading the suspension on my F750GS with a Touratech/HyperPro kit and am looking for some input.

I recently had to replace the fork seals on my wife's G310GS and am familiar with the process on that model since it has upside-down forks. However, the F750GS has standard telescopic forks and after removing the top caps on the forks, I don't see how to get to the springs from that side. Looking at the fiche on realoem.com, there is a fillister-head screw on the bottom of the fork, which I assume is part of the solution.

So, the question is: Has anyone taken those forks apart and can lend some advice?

Here's the link to the fiche: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/sho...diagId=31_1403