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Thread: Newbie Saying Hello

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    How's the project coming? I wanted to follow up on something....did you use the Nyalox on the engine parts too? I need to take my head's off, so I figured I'd get the valve covers and repaint at the same time. I'm curious if that what you used on the engine bits.

    Thanks for asking. Mostly waiting for COVID delayed parts now... got a few more things to work on though too. Caliper repaint went well, used VHT caliper paint. Working on some carbon fiber skinned headlight buckets too. One practice one and one I'll use. I'll probably sell the test one as it has come out quite nice too . Also working on carbon fiber skinned, 3D printed inserts, to replace the fork reflectors. When they're done the BMW lettering should be very slightly embossed, so should be very subtle!


    Yeah the orange NYALOX on a cordless drill was definitely the best thing I tried. It doesn't seem to take any material away, just leaves a fresh aluminum! Steel brushes were too extreme and gouge into the aluminum, and the brass brushes just leave everything coated with brass.

    I'm not yet sure of self-painting with rattle-cans is gonna leave me with something I'm super happy with... time will tell, so other options are a) professional paint job and b) powder coating (which I think is the most robust). Getting deep into the fins is pretty hard. I kind of wish I had a blasting cabinet and then just used something that isn't too abrasive. Harbor Freight does em cheap!

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    Thanks. .

    I have a HF blasting cabinet. It's buried in the basement under a ton of stuff. It's "OK"....makes a huge mess and my wimpy compressor can't really keep up.
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    Starting to come together


    Got a few chips to the motor paint job, so I'll touch them all up at the end of the project!

    I'm working on a 3D printed battery box that's gonna go behind the airbox (that's why its not present in the photo)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!!

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    That's coming along!

    I might have to PM you about the engine paint.
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    Making progress... I've started with electrics the past week. I've opted for a VAPE full ignition and then full MotoGadget electrics. Once it's all in, I'll take some snaps, but in the meantime, I did finish the fork inserts (reflector replacements). They came out as I'd hoped, which is barely embossed at all, but with the light on them, its clear they say BMW


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