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Thread: How smooth is your K16 vs. RT

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    How smooth is your K16 vs. RT

    After years of owning different R12RT's and now a 2017 with only 6,000 km on it, I'm pondering a K1600b. The big reason is that as I leave my 50's, I'm finding I want a smooth easy ride and my new RT isn't providing the comfort I hoped for. I'm curious if any other 'R' owners have made the switch and if they find the 'K' smoother or easier on their bodies.

    Thanks in advance for your replies
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    This won't help you a bit, but at 60 I'm much more concerned about the weight than the smoothness. Those K1600's are heavy.

    But I am kind of a wimp...

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    I started with a 2013 K1600GTL and traded in on a 2018 R1200RT as I wanted something a little lighter. The two bikes are somewhat the same but yet again different. After a year an half and 14000+ miles I traded the RT for a 2018 K16GTL. I just never got use to the RT engine/transmission. The K16 has more power & torque & is soooo smooth compared to the RT. The RT is no slouch in the power department but itís not a K. The RT is definitely lighter and is a little steadier on the HWY. The K just seems to fit me better in the rider comfort area. The K can be a hand full at slow speed but once a gets moving that all goes away. I am in my late 60ís 6í tall and a petite 210 in the weight department. Take one of the K1600 models for ride at the dealer see what you think. These are my own personal views so I hope this helps you. Watch out the big K can be a real temptress .

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    R1200RT vs K1600

    As a current owner of both bikes I enjoy both for different reasons. The RT is ~200 pounds lighter and a lot of fun in the curves of our Ozark mountains. It is my go to bike for shorter rides and when I need a quick smile in these difficult times. I purchased the K1600 for cross country touring and it does not disappoint. I added a Russel Day Long saddle with a backrest It is so smooth and comfortable for longer days but is still fun in the curves. It handles better than any 800 pound bike ought to. When stopped you are aware of the weight but as soon as you accelerate that is no longer an issue. I am 6 foot, 190 pounds and late 60ís. I dropped it once when a sudden wind came out of nowhere but I was able to right it alone
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