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Thread: To Trade or Not to Trade

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    I vote for a new Sargent, Russel, or Mayer seat. A few hundred dollars will transform the F800 to a bike to love.
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    Quote Originally Posted by protrainerusa View Post
    I currently have a 2013 F800GS and was dumb enough to demo the 1250GSA last weekend. While the price makes it out of reach (per my wife anyway)I loved how comfortable it was along with the wind protection it provided. I am thinking about trading the 2013 800GS with 26k miles for a 2010ish 1200GSA which would have at least 50k (to keep within a divorceless price range) and would like some advice from someone that has made that move. I do some gravel/easy dirt riding but mostly commute approximately 35 miles each day to work and am looking to go on longer rides/camping trips.
    I returned to motorcycling in 2013 with an F700GS. It was a good bike to get back into riding, but I had recurring engine problems that didn't seem to get fixed, and I did not enjoy riding it above about 55. Too much noise, vibration, and wind. I took a chance on staying with BMW and traded it in for a 2015 R120GS. I have no regrets. I still have the bike and am almost to 40k miles on it. It is far more comfortable on the highway and great fun on gravel, even for an old man like me. My only regret is not getting it earlier, so I hope you can find a good used bike that you like.

    Cheers, Ken
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    IMO the incremental improvements between the 1200 and the 1250 wet heads aren't worth it. The engine and transmission really are improved, but the TFT dash is, for me, a downgrade in utility. Navigation through the BMW connected app is rudimentary, it is no substitute for a Nav 5 or 6. Wait until the dead of winter and find a nice 2013+ 1200.
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    Thanks for the great input. I added a set of Rox Risers this past weekend, which helped slightly. I think I will keep an eye out for a good deal on a 2013+ 1200GSA. A change in seat might make a difference; however, at $500+ per seat, it is an expensive experiment (I have changed out the original seat for a "comfort" seat already) and not sure if I want to put more money into the bike. Also, the wife doesn't like riding two up because there is no back rest and she can't relax. The best solution would be a top box with back rest (another $800). She actually asked if the 1200 GSA would be more comfortable. My answer, absolutely. So I am on my way to searching in the light of day, instead of hiding in the shadows of the internet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by natrab View Post
    That may be fair, but I have yet to find any dealer that will pay you retail price for a trade-in. Businesses don't operate on that model or else they wouldn't make any profits. Most seem to offer 15-20% lower than retail on trade-ins. Consignments are another option that sometimes will yield a higher selling price, but you will almost always get the most money selling it yourself.
    Fairness in the market place, where all things are equal and no pricing regulation, is based on the negotiating ability, power position, and that all too intangible "I need" feeling position. If you don't "need" to sell something, then you can hold your price up high and wait for the one consumer to come along with a stronger "I need" itch, than the seller. They may never come along, but that's not about fairness, it's about having a consumable that you value much more than the rest of the market. Free enterprise!😀

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