We on the forum see the demise of the motorcycling magazines pretty regular. It looks like these two magazines are (possibly) next.

From an article here-



MotorHome & Trailer Life To Merge Into New RVing Format
Camping World Holdings, Inc. announced today that they were ending the print publications of both Trailer Life and MotorHome magazine and combining them into a new digital format with a single print publication. It seems that Camping World has finally figured out what the rest of us already knew, print is dead.

For the devoted few who still received their monthly copy of MotorHome, this is no surprise. What has arrived in my mailbox the last several months is a battered shell of its former self. After removing the several blow-in cards that help give the magazine a little bulk, the amount of remaining content was embarrassing. More importantly, much of it was outdated, due to the lead times involved in print media.

It's too bad. I have been receiving both of these magazines for years I have been disappointed that the magazines have become so "thin", but understand the problem. Along with all this, I recently received my "special" renewal offer for Trailer life touting a "super" deal. It doesn't really seem "super" if the magazine isn't going to exist anymore

I don't know where this is going to shake out.......but I'm going to wait.