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Thread: Considering going to the S 1000 XR from a 08 RT

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    Considering going to the S 1000 XR from a 08 RT

    I didn`t spend much time on the XR test ride a few years back ,has anyone made an XR purchase that could give me the benefits and negatives of the two bikes,My concerns would be the wind and rain protection as I ride year round and living in Ct. get the extreme heat and cold,the RT was great in those situations. i`ll be 69 next month and need a lighter bike so I would need a low model also and would add a touring windshield, most of the posts I see of people making the switch are raving about the XR so I feel safe in my decision but I`m not seeing any comments on the ergonomics of the XR so I would greatly appreciate any comments from you veteran XR riders !

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    I have a R1200GSA and a S1000R. The XR is like a blend between those two. I also live in the northeast and deal with the temp extremes.

    In some ways the XR is a taller version of the R1250RS. It wonít have the same wind protection of a full RT. Iíd you prefer the taller adventure style ergonomics, the XR can be a good choice. The motor is the same as in my S1000R. Very sporty, far more so than a boxer. However, it can be a bit buzzy particularly at steady highway speeds. I believe the XR added some more damping to the bar to reduce this over the R and RR.

    However, you still have a windshield so it is still hotter in summer. I prefer my ďnakedĒ S1000R when itís really hot over my GSA as I get more airflow, while my GSA is better in the winter months. The GSA has more wind protection than a standard GS or the XR, so it is more similar to an RT, while the XR is similar to an RS or regular GS.

    Iíve toured on both my GSA and S1000R, but personally find the adventure style ergonomics more comfortable for longer rides (>300 mile days), while the RT and RS are a bit sportier feeling, but not as much as my R, let alone a RR.

    As your intention is to reduce weight while not giving up too much wind protection, my suggestion would be to check out the XR and the RS. Both will have similar wind protection but the engine character (and buzzy feeling) will be different. Also the XR has taller ergonomics, whereas the RS will be more similar to your RT.

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