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Thread: R18 Wimpy Horn replacement with BMW car horn

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    R18 Wimpy Horn replacement with BMW car horn

    I changed out the R18 OEM horn with the same BMW car horn I swapped out on my GSA. It's the same connection and looks like a 5 minute job. Here is the "Before" and "After" video.

    Clarton Low Tone Horn
    P/N: 61338381271 Clarton Horn

    BEFORE -

    AFTER -
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    Yes, an over the top motorcycle needs an over the horn. Just a suggestion; leave the stock horn and switch in place. When you add the new horn add it's own switch. I drove big rigs. We had the regular horn in the steering wheel and the big air horn. I used the service horn a lot to communicate with other vehicles and pedestrians. The big air horn in critical serious moments. Good luck with your new horn.

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