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Thread: When will we start seeing R18 After Market accessories.

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    When will we start seeing R18 After Market accessories.

    BMW Motorad doesn't even have part numbers on their accessories and don't expect them in until early 2021. Has anyone heard of any other after market manufactures time tables on parts. The main thing I'm looking for is a windscreen.

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    Roland Sands Design is "probably" working on stuff...
    I was disappointed with the recent ON article - they put in a lot of effort and dollars on their "drag" bike, they even say they took it to the strip, and - no performance numbers.
    It would be interesting to see how it fares against a slightly modified HD FX or similar.

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    RSD is working with BMW Motorad on a whole line of "farkles". The problem is that after looking at the prices on BMW Motorad Germany, they are way overpriced. Case in point the windscreen/fog light combo I'm interested in costs EU 1345.70 or $1585.00.
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    BMW Motorad has no clue

    The marketing and promotion department should be dismissed. I have purchased 3 R 9T motorcycles with the sole purpose of personalizing them and keeping them. It has been a constant source of frustration and disillusionment to see certain accessories with part numbers and prices listed but not available. WHAT THE F(*&^K is BMW marketing thinking here, some consumers spend more on accessories than the bike they go on and they seem to be happy as "pig shiz" that they sold a bunch of bikes with the illusion all this cool stuff will be ready to bolt on when the dealer delivers the bike. Relying on Roland Sands Development is a losing proposition in my opinion. They failed to deliver until nearly 3 years after the official launch of the R 9t line and at times some of the stuff was highly suspect to be ill fitting and even used and resold as new, RSD remember the ground up valve covers.

    Lets forget the unavailable accessories, crappy RSD customer service and the brick wall set up by BMW Motorad regarding trinkets for the R 18 and focus on what BMW is advertising as another bike with a bunch of cool accessories that you cannot buy! It really boils down to false advertising by BMW Motorad USA, specifically you can buy this bike, attach these accessories and have this personalized motorcycle with BMW approved trinkets. That is simply not the case here because you can't buy the accessories!

    I still have the 3 R 9T bikes and am very happy with them, I have only been able to buy a very limited and expensive OEM accessories for these bikes even though many more are advertised but really not available. I'd like to get a Racer but keep going back to WHY!

    Of course this type of deceptive promotion is not isolated to R 9T and R 18 accessories as BMW has done this in the past on entire product lines. How many Last Edition R 100CS's did they do, lets not forget the R 1100S Boxer Cup bikes that grew from 200 units to about a thousand because the first run sold so well.

    Am I bitter or mad? Heck No! I'm happy, I enjoy my many toys and I will continue to buy more and spend stupid money on supposed collector grade bikes with the kinda available OEM accessories but only because I can. BMW Motorad USA should understand that I have an above average income, above average loyalty, like OEM accessories and don't mind paying the price for them. They should also understand that every other top manufacture has niche bikes out there and available for purchase accessories for that bike.


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    That's crazy pricing for a windscreen and lights.
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    A few "bits and bobs" are beginning to show up on the Revzilla.

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    The HD Pan American is reputed to weigh in at 547 lbs.

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    Those are reputed pounds, indeed, and kinda moot at this point. The Panamerica is not likely to see the light of the showroom, as the new H-D CEO has stopped development on outreach models and is going all-in on the traditional cruiser lines geared toward the traditional H-D rider. Time will tell whether that’s a successful redirect for the company.

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    Can we try to stay on topic?

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    I am curious what specific aftermarket items owners are interested in. What features of the R18 do owners believe will be improved with aftermarket items? What items are lacking in the OEM configuration of the motorcycle?
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    I'm wanting a better seat. I've contacted Corbin and they are currently prototyping one. I'm also hoping Sargent comes out with one. I have their touring seat on my GSA and love it. Also, I'm waiting for the windscreen to become available, but looking at the crazy European pricing, I'm not sure I'm willing to drop that much cash on a windscreen/running light combo.

    I did install a universal "Chinese" windscreen temporarily and it actually looks pretty good even though the mounting system is a bit janky. It's a temporary $47.00 fix. Eighty MPH on the freeway on this beast with no windscreen is painful!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    I am curious what specific aftermarket items owners are interested in. What features of the R18 do owners believe will be improved with aftermarket items? What items are lacking in the OEM configuration of the motorcycle?
    As a cruiser owner there are typical accessories that are bought by many and BMW show as accessories plus a couple of others :

    Bags with mounting hardware
    Touring Seat or other sets options
    Additional lighting in the front mainly two light system
    Passenger back rest
    Passenger peg change or floor boards

    These make the bike more functional and friendlier to ride.

    These have to be available. I know BMW is coming out with a model that has all this in February. I guess this is the answer.

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