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Thread: 9/19 -9/25/20 2025 Miles 9 States 2 Up

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    9/19 -9/25/20 2025 Miles 9 States 2 Up

    Had a beautiful uneventful perfect weather ride last week. 9 states, SC, NC, VA, MD, PA, OH, WV, KY, TN, and back down into SC. 2025 miles. PA temps were upper 30's in the AM and upper 60'sto low70'sin the afternoon. Cobalt blue skies until Thursday when we first saw clouds. Went to family in PA and visited The Cool Spring Power Museum in Cool Spring PA, a must see for anyone interested in combustion and it's history. Cook Forest, over to PA 's Grand Canyon across US 6 and back down to the Lincoln Hwy (US 30). Stopped at many state and county parks in PA. Headed over to the AMA HOF museum in Pickerington. Then south through the mountains of WV,KY,TN and through the Daniel Boone Forest.
    No issues with travel hotels/motels all open and busy, restaurants open and busy. Roads travelled were secondary and some Federal highways, and just a touch of interstate.
    Saw 1, only 1, BMW on the road just south of Berkely Springs on US 522. We did see some at the AMA museum, display and employees in the covered parking.
    Had rain last 2 days from one of the tropical storms but that beats being at work.
    Dave Hutton '78 R100S (mfg 7/77)

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    Sounds like a nice ride, Dave. Glad you were able to get out and put some miles on the bike.
    On the coast of Kansas
    2012 F800ST

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