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Thread: Shipping bike to Florida?

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    Shipping bike to Florida?

    Asking in here, as I could not find much using the search. I need to ship my F700GS from CT to FL. (no, I am not riding it, so don't start with me, lol!). After google searching shipping, it seems like a crap shoot. Anyone you would recommend? Thanks...Paul

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    The “Similar Threads” panel below have a number of threads as well as using the “Tag Cloud” just below that pane.

    As I remember, experience have been a “crap shoot”........ Some better than others.

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    The Foundation ships all the prize bikes with Motorcycle Shippers. They have been excellent and have a few value added options at no charge for MOA members.

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    Delayed followup! I had an excellent shipping experience with ARSTransportNHbrian. Brian did a fantastic job, and he is really good about showing up when he says and keeping you posted on arrival times. Highly recommended.

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    Last March I shipped a bike from TX to Charlotte, NC with Federal. They were awesome! On time and excellent communication throughout the transport. Bike arrived in perfect condition. Oh ... and they have an AMA and I believe a MOA discount. Texas to Charlotte cost about $700 and took about 10 days.
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    We use federal for dealer transfers... they have always been on sched, and delivered damage free.

    Recently had a customer us HaulBikes, which turned into a cluster that I couldn't have made up in attempting to write a horror novel... which is consistent with what I'm now hearing from other dealers around the country.
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