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Thread: Distance until empty value after filling with fuel. (2011 RT)?

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    Where we live, south of Alpine, Texas it is 80 miles between the last fuel station in Alpine and the only fuel station in Study Butte. And going either direction there is NO SIGN. Our house is 26 miles north of Study Butte and 54 miles from the station in Alpine. We get occasional folks needing to use a phone since there is no cell coverage. I usually just give them gas.
    A few minutes ago Voni drove off in her little red car to the Little Burro store - a small market about 4 miles away. Just now I glanced out and saw a white car and a guy carrying a gas can out of my shop. Upon further looking I see Voni's car and I see her showing him where to put the now empty gas can. She ran into the guy at the store and brought him here to get enough gas to get to Study Butte/Terlingua. Another - local this time - miscalculated those 80 miles. In the 14 years we have lived here I have given away/ sold far more gas from gas cans than I have poured into our own vehicles.
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    Mine is very reliable in that the light comes on at 45 miles remaining and when I fill it up there's a gallon left in the tank (put 5.5 gallons or so in a 6.6 gallon tank). This happens every time. I have grown to rely on it but if I was on a trip I wouldn't push it to that point every time. I tend to run it down when I'm just running around and commuting (before I started working from home full time back in March).

    As for the reset lag, mine doesn't reset until I start the bike and it almost always jumps to the normal 240+ mile range (it varies a little based on the last tank's average) in about 5 seconds. I have had a time or two where it took a lot longer to reset but I don't understand why. Regardless, even those times it never took more than 5-10 minutes.
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