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Thread: Independent BMW Mechanics in NY

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    Independent BMW Mechanics in NY

    Hi, does anyone know of any good mechanics in Westchester? or Close by counties? Other than MAX? or Solo Moto?

    thank you Chuck
    C R NY
    1972 R75/5
    1969 2002
    1982 528e

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    Hmmm, I guess there are not many independent options in Westchester. Don't get me wrong, I like MAX but sometimes I feel lost in the shop there. And I had a not great experience a few years ago. I know that Brooklyn has a few small shops, but it's hard to get there and deliver the bike...If anyone has any connections would love to hear.

    I lived in SF in the late 80s and 90s and there were a few mechanics that were amazing and being a one person shop they would really look after your bike.

    thanks Chuck
    C R NY
    1972 R75/5
    1969 2002
    1982 528e

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    I thought I had seen a similar question within the past few months but I couldn't find it. Have a look at these sites...not sure how up to date they are:
    Kurt -- Forum Liaison ---> Resources and Links Thread <---
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    Kurt! You are fantastic. Thanks. I have seen those lists. I have been here - in Westchester- for 15 years and have not found a local BMW shop. It’s fine. Max picks up and drops off. Was hoping for a local old timer. I am trying to do it all myself and learn but it’s good to have an expert nearby.

    I can see an opportunity here for someone.

    Regards Chuck
    C R NY
    1972 R75/5
    1969 2002
    1982 528e

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