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Thread: 750GS Upgraded Suspension Recommendations

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    750GS Upgraded Suspension Recommendations


    I have a 2020 750GS, and I find that even with modest braking, the front end dives considerably.

    1. Does anyone have any experience with the Touratech upgraded suspension with progressive front and rear springs. (Link below).

    2. If so, I have ESA; can I still use the Touratech rear spring with the ESA?

    3. If not the Touratech product, any suggestions for other products?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I donít know for sure with the F750GS, but I do know that the Touratech progressive spring kits for the F700GS are compatible with the ESA.

    Hopefully that bodes well. But I suggest you call Touratech and confirm. They have good knowledgeable tech support.
    2013 F700GS

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