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Thread: 2011 R1200RT LH combination switch repair

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    2011 R1200RT LH combination switch repair

    My 2011 R1200RT LH turn signal quit working yesterday, RH works fine, flashers work fine, bulbs are good. My Haynes manual shows that the LH combination switch can be opened up by dropping the bottom half, which appears to snap into place, giving limited access to the inside of the switch for possibly cleaning any contact areas for debris or corrosion and for unplugging the wiring connections. After removing the screw behind the flange on the rubber hand grip, I tried to open it up as described but it doesn't want to come apart easily so I stopped for fear of breaking it. It doesn't look like there is any way to get to any contacts for cleaning even if I can get it opened up. I am also not sure that any cleaning of contact areas would fix anything as the problem may not be just dirty contacts but something else rendering the switch unrepairable.

    Both LH and RH combo switches were replaced on this bike under warranty, with the LH one being done in 2014.

    I imagine I will have to replace the entire switch $$$ and would appreciate any experienced thoughts or suggestions before I proceed with buying one. Thanks.


    Edit: Prior to posting I used the search function with every conceivable phrasing of the problem, with no results. As soon as I posted this, I saw several "similar threads" appear at the bottom of the page. After reading these, I doubt that there is any way to correct my problem other than replacing the switch. However, I will still appreciate any further thoughts from other members. Thanks.

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    I don't have any answers for you, but they replaced my LH switchgear on my '13 RT a few years ago and the ESA button is already sticking and won't spring back when I press it. I haven't had time to delve into it, but I wish they had let me keep my old switch gear when they replaced it!
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    Thanks natrab,

    From what I read I don't think the switch is conducive to "repair" based on its design. I think I will try to blow some air through it, which won't cost much and probably won't help much either.

    I am fortunate to have a good dealer about 20 miles away, so I guess I will end up having then replace it if no better solution comes up.
    I am too old to keep sticking my left arm out sideways when I want to turn left.

    Thanks again for the response.

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