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Thread: Speedometer and fuel mpg accuracy

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    The GPS units I have combine a data table and map on the same screen. I normally run showing current speed, trip odometer (reset when refueled), distance to destination, time of arrival or time to destination. These are choices from among several.

    Sometimes I actually have a second GPS mounted with an even more detailed data table. In any case I almost always have a GPS showing current speed.
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    "The European formula
    Now it gets really crazy. The European Union requires adherence to UN ECE Regulation 39. Itís a lot of math, but the simple version is that no speedometer can read slower than the actual speed. Ever. On the high side, itís allowed to read up to 10% above the actual speed plus four or six kilometers per hour, depending on the type of vehicle.

    Compare this chart to the first one. The most a speedometer can be off at that same 100 mph (160 kph) is nearly 13 mph. This is why many BMW and Porsche drivers notice their speedometer is off."

    "The difference between actual speed and the speed dial tends to get noticed more with German cars because their speedometers are designed to never report a speed lower than actual speed. European law (ECE-R39) says speedometers cannot show speeds less than the actual speed, and they must never show more than the 110 per cent of actual speed plus 4 km/h. So, under those rules, a car could be moving at 100 km/h, but the speedometer could legally display as high as 114 km/h."

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    This has been around before:

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    I just love that BMW Bulletin. If ever a bull defecated in a corporate office and it spilled into the word processor this is it. After admitting that a BMW OEM installed speedometer may be 10% plus 2.4 mph in error reading fast, (68.4 instead of the actual 60 for example) and that they are deliberately constructed that way, they have the absolute gall to actually state:

    "The original equipment speedometer, as supplied with your BMW motorcycle, is the only instrument to be used in judging the motorcycle's speed relative to all legal and posted speed limits."

    Telling me that using an instrument deliberately designed and built to be wrong is the only instrument I am allowed to use is utter nonsense. I once again should suspect that the intern wrote this when everybody else was at Oktoberfest and nobody checked when they all got back. Except I actually suspect the intern is too smart to write this horsepucky and it got written by the boss right after he or she staggered in from Oktoberfest.
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    The 2013 VW Golf I bought yesterday has a 10 km speedo error. They've put speed signs on the highway so I can see without my GPS.

    This max speed was 200 on the clock.
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