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Thread: Inn recommendation in Fryeburg ME

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    Inn recommendation in Fryeburg ME

    A plug for an inn that was exceptional (no personal connection).
    Did a stay in one place/day trip rides at the Admiral Perry Inn in Fryeburg ME last week. Accommodations were fabulous, breakfasts were wonderful, and the owner host, Donna, was great. Motorcycle friendly.

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    That looks like a wonderful place.

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    We've eaten several times at the Oxford House Inn, on Main Street in Fryeburg. The food's excellent. If the weather's nice, sit out on the back lawn for a drink, overlooking the valley of the Saco River. I don't think they serve food out there, but the ambience is worth experiencing.

    Note: the Admiral Peary Inn's webpage has links for restaurants titled "Dining in Fryeburg, Maine." The "Oxford House" linked on that page, however, is a different Oxford House located in Connecticut.
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    Admiral Peary gets a fine review on TripAdvisor:
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