Riding my 1978 R-80 with a Luftmiester fairing, Ted Porter Valve job and Avon Roadrider tires, new rear shocks.
I was just going to ride from Telluride to Dolores and back for lunch. But it was SOO nice out that I decided to do a loop and headed west towards Dove Creek. That bike has a tractor style looking early RDL seat and is very comfortable. There was a huge rain cell in front of me but it was drifting to the south. I kept going to Monticello Ut and got there right after the cell passed. The desert after a rain smells so nice! Turned north in this post rain wetted area toward La Sal Junction.
Beautiful riding, no wind about 75f. Turning for home at La Sal junction there was another big rain cell in front of me.
This section of road from La Sal to Paradox valley is super scenic and twisty, really twisty and NO traffic.
This next rain cell moved to the South just as I got to it and that wet sagebrush smell came back. Really nice.
Rode east through Paradox Valley and Naturita, Redvale, Norwood and headed for Telluride. This area is very rural and pretty and NO traffic very few LEO's. Riding up valley towards Telluride another huge rain cell was in front of me.
This cell also moved off just as I got to it, wet road but I didn't get wet. Got home about 5:30.
I've got to comment that 42 year old R-80 is so much fun to ride! I've got 2 other bikes running too. I love that R-80!
Sure the brakes aren't the best and the shifting is clunky, but the way it sounds, corners and rider position is great.