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Thread: Metzger k block front bike tire for rig

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    Metzger k block front bike tire for rig

    I have a Metzler K block as a pusher. It has raised the rear of the bike about two inches. I've added about one quart of oil to compensate,but I'm making educated guesses on this. To level everything up I want to put another K block on the front .Will this cause the steering to be hard ? It's already quite physical.

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    How about some more info on your hack? Also, what did you add a quart of oil to? I can't think of anywhere on a BMW that I'd exceed the manufacturer's capacities except by adding an oil cooler or a deep oil pan. Stay well, ride easy.
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    BMW motorcycles go up hills and down hills with no need to add any oil to compensate for not being level.
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    I ran K block's front & rear on my 95 R100RT with a Kenna single sidecar. They are what are called a 100 % profile and they are a hard tire. They are tube type and likely 1 " taller than a stock airhead tire. They will last longer, especially on the front of the bike, than a stock airhead tire and you can probably get 5 k miles out of the rear tire. The problem they create ( at least on my rig ) on the front was with the fender and I had to pivot it slightly so that it would clear the 100 profile K block.

    I personally went back to stock tubeless m/c tires of the right size for the bike, front & rear. The rig handled better with a m/c tire on the front than with the K block. The rears didn't last as long but with the single sided swing arm they are easy to change. I had a leading link front end, so steering was fairly light. Anytime you go to a larger tire on the front end you will make the steering harder. With the taller tires you will also have to realign the chair and the bike. Different sized tires will affect the handling as well as the toe in/lean out.
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