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Thread: New Sargent seat on the way....

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    New Sargent seat on the way....

    I have owned 2 Sargent seats on my previous motorcycles (17 Motus and a 18XR) and love them. So I went to the Sargent website to get one for my 2020XR, but it was not available. After communicating with Sargent, they decided to develop a seat using my XR. I finally picked up my XR from Sargent this week. They had my bike a few weeks. As we know the seat is totally different from previous years. During my visit I got to meet with the president and founder, Mark Todd. Sargent has a huge operation and a world-wide presence. Afterwards, I rode 380 mikes back home with one gas stop. What a difference, the seat is extremely comfortable, no pressure points and no seams digging into my butt. The cover has the right mix of smoothness and friction. Most of all, I did not feel like I was being pushed into the tank like OEM. I have the prototype seat at this point. Because of how BMW designed the frame and seat interface, it is quite a challenge to make a seat that is comfortable. Seems to me that the seat was the last thing on their minds when they built the bike. The foam Sargent used allowed them to shape it and computer digitize the design for their follow-on patented comfort foam. In a few months they will have the multi density foam seat in stock, and I will travel back to get my seat redone with the patented production foam. It will be even better than my prototype! In the future Sargent will offer this new seat foam and a cover that you can customize to your bike on a 48-hour turnaround. (I asked for the matching red piping) They call it their Revolution seat (they use your seat pan). We will all have to watch their website for availability.
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    Good deal. Good planning.
    Welcome to the forum!
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    I actually like my BMW seat. It's the HP seat and I can go 200 to 300 mile in one day and do it again the next day with no issues.

    All sounds great but what is the cost?

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    Welcome to the forum, and thank you for sacrificing your bike for a few weeks so Sargent could develop a seat for that bike. You made it much easier for the next guy.

    I put a Sargent on my Suzuki DR650 and found it to be just the solution I was looking for. Extremely well made and comfortable! I had a hard time putting over 100 miles on the original seat and now I can ride it pretty much all day, with the mandatory sight seeing stops encountered along the way. I love the seat.

    One thing I wanted to throw out there, if you order from Sargent directly you can choose the option of no welt. That is the option I took, as I feel welts have a tendency to cause pressure points on the leg depending of course on how you are seated on your particular bike.

    The price of this seat was $375, since Sargent supplied the seat pan. I wanted to keep my original.

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