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Thread: my july

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    my july

    it was too hot to work in July. I had to get out. Left providence and went all the way to CT.

    That wasn't enough. Headed down to VA with some folks headed to the MOA rally. I saw this and decided I couldn't go there myself:

    Went here instead.

    You could see blue ridges from that road.

    Weather didn't hold for me :

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    There are some good roads down south...

    Central HS, AR

    OK rt1-- Oklahoma's BRP:

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    cactus and dirt and mountains are cool.

    Where did they keep the bikes?

    Zion is OK.

    Saw some happy people from different places in the Sierras. Here are some of them:

    This guy is an MOA ambassador I think. Or something.

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    Unfortunately I couldn't stick around in CA forever.

    sand mt NV

    deluxe camping in Ely, NV


    CO Nat'l Monument

    Tent rocks, NM

    NM 489


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    fort union NHS

    Scott's Bluff during 200 mile long lightning storm

    What is it with people, rallies, and trailers. What I woke up to in Rapid City.

    You can get away from the sturgis folks if you don't mind an incredibly well maintained dirt road.

    these two had a great breakfast plan

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    Indianna? Or maybe Illinois.

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    holy hilliard, MOA ON named #1 BMW city third year running

    Had to stopp in Hilliard, OH, to meet another (I think?) BMW ambassador

    If you haven't been, it's a must. Sign photos are mandatory. Only the best of the best of the best make it here.

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    After hilliard, there was nothing to do but head straight home. 800 miles, 2 gas stops, 12.5 hours.

    At least I don't always have to where the Darien anymore. For a while, at least.


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    It was good to see you out here, Dizave. And who the heck are those ambassador guys?
    Dave Swider
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    Originally posted by KBasa
    It was good to see you out here, Dizave. And who the heck are those ambassador guys?
    just seein' if y'all are payin' attention....
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    July Trip

    Waaay cool.

    Me, envious? Not on your life. Would I want to ride a really cool motorcycle all over this really cool country? Nope.
    (The prevarication light is lit.)

    Thanks for taking the time to post your trip for us. Good on you!
    Don't winterize; Rounderize!

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    Re: July Trip

    Originally posted by Cliffy777
    Thanks for taking the time to post your trip for us. Good on you!
    Thanks! There are a few more pictures here.


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    Absolutely fabulous. Nice write up.

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    Thanks for posting, and 'er sharing your site with us.

    Come West again, young man...
    Tina Swider
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