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Thread: bluetooth helmet speaker Domio Sports

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    bluetooth helmet speaker Domio Sports

    While scouring the internet for motorcycle gear... I found

    They make a vibrating device (a speaker) that mounts to the outside of your helmet and uses the helmet as a large speaker. Very interesting.

    You don't need ear buds or helmet speakers.

    Anyone ever heard of this and/or try it?
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    I tried one of their earlier models maybe 1-2 years ago, it may have been 2 versions ago but I was not impressed and it sits somewhere in a closet barely used.

    Good idea and the sound was pretty good sitting in the house or not moving but once I was even at 35-45MPH it was hard to hear and sound was poor. Wind noise around helmet seemed to overpower the music more so than any Cardo or SENA I have used and I have used both with earplugs.

    I can see for some activities like skiing or bicycling maybe it works great or maybe the newer version is better but my experience was not good, better to go with in helmet system like Cardo with JBL speaker.

    Based on others here and if you search Google you will find that most agree it isnít as impressive as you would hope.

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    Thanks for the info bn.

    I'm disappointed. I was really hoping this would be the way to listen to music while riding.
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