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Thread: Choosing the fork oil

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    No, no, no, no no!!

    I would be pretty positive he did not mean brake fluid. He meant automatic transmission fluid. That was a common cheap shortcut back in the /5 days, and worked OK with the seals, and was approximately the right weight for those cushy long travel forks.

    DO NOT PUT BRAKE FLUID IN YOUR FORKS. You will create a corrosive mess. Brake fluid and air combine poorly, and moisture will quickly contaminate the mess and you will need new fork sliders in short order.

    You could get away with ATF, but I would recommend 10wt fork oil with 10cc extra in each fork.
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    Quote Originally Posted by airhead6
    I have a 74 R90/6 and will be replacing the fork oil today. An oldtimer told me to use brake fluid as the oil? Any comments
    By any chance did the same "friend" also tell you that brake fluid makes a great dessert topping?
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