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Thread: Little Switzerland stay

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    Little Switzerland stay

    I plan on being in the Little Switzerland area in a couple of weeks from the Boone rally and looking for a recommendation on where to stay.
    I will have a tent for the rally but prefer not to camp, esp. with the heat.
    I am a cheap skate and will be traveling solo.

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    I've found that riding along the Blue Ridge Parkway in the summer is like having the air conditioning on. Usually it is quite comfortable at the 3000 foot and above elevations.

    You could get a reservation at the Mount Mitchell State Park campground. As I write this it is about 95 degF (with a heat index of about 105 due to humidity) in the Piedmont area of NC about 75 miles from the BRP. The current reported temperature at Mt. Mitchell State Park is 61 degF.

    There are hotels in Boone, NC and Blowing Rock, NC that span a range of rates.

    Following is a short video about Mount Mitchell State Park -

    from North Carolina State Parks on Vimeo.

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    I should have started planning earlier, but with too much uncertainty....
    They are full but I did find a Biker Buddy place nearby.

    Next time, I love the area and wish there was a way to move there.
    We have grandkids and no way will my wife leave.

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    My wife is from the NC Triad area (Greensboro, High Point, & Winston Salem) and we returned here after retiring. I go riding with a couple of other fellers that are familiar with the area. In the summer we head for the higher elevation. In the cooler times we can head towards the sand hills; in the dead of winter temperatures usually are in the 40s or higher. Lots of options for riding and in a fairly short while one can be in the country with very little traffic.

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