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Thread: 2012 R1200 GS Adventure brake warning and speedo not working

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    2012 R1200 GS Adventure brake warning and speedo not working

    Hey all,

    during the last few days it has been rather hot and I am not sure if that has been part of the problem or not, the breaks works just fine, but the warning light is constant for break failure, and yesterday on an awesome ride on route 250 and 33 in Virginia and WV the speedo started to act up. according to several post on other adventure forums this is happens from time to time with my generation bike. I got a few trips planned and was hoping one of you had the answer to this issue, the lack of speedo want stop me from riding and the breaks seem to work just fine. so any suggestions?


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    The brake warning light is probably an indication that the ABS is not operational. If that is the case, then your brakes will function but the ABS will not work. If you have access to a GS911 or MotoScan you can check for fault codes, or you can have a dealer check. You can also check it by locking the rear brake on a gravel road at 20MPH or so. Be careful.
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    So many times itís been posted that things go strange when the battery is old. Any chance itís getting a bit long in the tooth?
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    I take it you meant brake trouble?
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    The ABS and speedometer both rely on the rear wheel speed sensor. You might check it and its wiring for proper placement or damage.
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