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Thread: Crusty Crusty Crusty!

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    Crusty Crusty Crusty!

    I did see some Red paint under the crust. Can anyone tell me the brand of saddle bags and top case my latest rescue has?
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    That looks like a Jim Von Baden Special.

    Sorry I can't help you with the luggage; Touratech? But someone will chime in.

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    The bags and top box are Jesse Luggage Systems stuff. Probably early Odyssey models.
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    Thank you Paul

    That's a big help, the mounting system is pretty complex but it's coming off. That top case with a little tool box on the base is so heavy it cracked the bikes aluminum tail rack good thing I have a spare now if I can just find it. I got the gas tank off and checked the fuel pump operation and was pleasantly surprised to find it working with good pressure. Off course after sitting for over five years the tank liner is peeling and the fuel plumbing is soft as butter. I have a spare GS tank (easy to spot) so I'll clean up the fuel plate and fit some new hoses on it, I think I'll relocate the filter on the outside of the gas tank at least for the time being. The brakes are kinda screwed on it, front brake won't pull so that explains why the calipers were off and tie wrapped to the tip over bars. The rear brake works fine. I'm going to try and rescue the ABS system on it and go with some stainless steel brake lines but that is a bit off in the future. First order of business is to get it fired (OOPS that's a bad thought) running and take it out for a run through the gears to make sure I'm not digging a money pit. I still have to finish the Barn Bike, Rat Ride and a few other pending projects before I get carried away with this one, I need a bigger shop and bank account.
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    I admire the fact you rescue and give life to these motorcycles. I am not a mechanical genius so when I see these machines I am overwhelmed. I would not even know where to start. Hats off to you Zeff.
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    Its alive!

    Got Ole Crusty fired up today, not to much effort other than my first attempt to use the original fuel pump and having to drain the gas when that didn't work out. It worked fine outside the tank and in a bucket of gas but not in the tank. I did find I may need another roll or two of Tesa tape, all that wire wrap is just a mess.

    It ran on one cylinder on the initial startup and I'm getting no squirt out of the injector on the sleeping side so I'll drop the injectors off at the Injector Man's shop to have them cleaned or given last rights. Meanwhile I'm pulling off the Jesse bags and mounts along with the Areoflow windshield and going back to stock, they will go on the Market place after I evaluate them for any damage. I do plan on sending the HES up to GSAddict for a freshening up as I'm sure that is just as crusty as everything else.

    Meanwhile I have the Barn Bike paint work complete and have the pinstripes scheduled for next week, two gas tanks (small & large), two front fenders (stock & sport) and the rear fender should take an afternoon and hopefully not an arm and a leg.
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    Off with the old!

    I'm going back to bone stock with this rescue. The bags are pretty heavy and the brackets are almost as heavy. The top box has the little tool box attached underneath, it is so heavy it cracked the stock tail rack. Good thing I have a spare and found a new spare on that obnoxious bidding site to replace my spare. I really prefer the stock look of the windshield over the AeroFlow also. Does Aeroflow still make motorcycle products? No spare for that so I will more than likely get a new one (no scratches or cracks) from my local dealer, better Bring My Wallet.
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