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Thread: New owner in SoCal looking for a chartered club to fit into

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    Question New owner in SoCal looking for a chartered club to fit into

    Hi all, new to MOA and BMW Motorrad, but a previous BMW auto owner.

    I used to belong to the PNW (Pacific Northwest) chapter of the BMWCCA, and am looking to join an MOA chapter in the Southern California area. It looks like the options for me are the BMW Club of Southern California and South Coast BMW Riders Club.

    I have a '16 R1200R LC, don't offroad, but really enjoy twisties. My previous ride was a 2006 Suzuki SV650 that in 7 years put almost 80,000 miles on with combined commuting, weekend day rides, and a few touring trips.

    Does anyone have opinions or info about the two clubs mentioned (beyond what the home pages for each show)?

    I appreciate any info available.

    Oh, and are dues required in addition to MOA dues? This would be different than the CCA, where joining the club meant being a member of a chapter, not having to join both separately.


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    BMW MOA Chartered Clubs are independent from the MOA. They have their own dues structure, meetings, and events. They charter with the MOA and receive a variety of benefits.
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    Clubbing it!

    Only YOU can tell if you'll fit in with any local club. So look up the contacts and go out and meet the clubs in question.
    This may take a few months to really check them out. I can go on and on based on the many clubs that I have been a member of, but again, you have to decide where you fit in regardless of MOA or RA charter.
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    BMW Club of Southern California

    I'm a long term member of the BMWCOSC. Both groups, you note, are great organizations. In some cases, the group a person, belongs to has to do with home location. The BMWCOSC membership is primarily in Los Angeles and the Valley. First years club dues are $45, and after that are $35 per year. More information can be found at or on Facebook at

    Once you become a member, there is a private member site on Facebook.

    I hope this helps.

    If I can be of more assistance, PM me.


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