I replaced my front shock today, and learned a couple tricks that made the task pretty easy. I didn't know them the last (two) times that I replaced my front shock, and those jobs absolutely sucked! I will never dread this job again. The time that it took for the extra steps was small, and the benefits were big.

Tip #1- Take off the fuel tank. I know that lots of people say to just move it back, but take it off! Easier done if the tank isn't full of fuel, but do-able in any case. This allows you access to the top nut, but also lets you really see and have physical access to the A arms and shock mounts.

Tip #2- After you've taken off the fuel tank, remove the glove box. There is a T25 bolt that needs to be removed, to allow the front brake lines to stretch far enough to get the shock out, as you lift the front-end. If you leave the glove box in, getting to that bolt is a YUUUUUGE pain in the buttocks.

Tip #3- Remove the alternator belt cover. This gives you more room to fish the shock into its home. The fit is tight. and every little bit of room makes a difference.

Tip #4- use an impact wrench for the top nut. Easy on, easy off.

Tip #5- My engine protection bars were taken all the way off, the first times. I figured out that I just needed to take the center section out, and that was much faster and easier. This lets the alternator cover come off, but also needs to be done to let the lower a arm swing down far enough to get the shock out.

Crappy pictures are included...