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Thread: SW Idaho - Sweet - Dry Buck - High Valley - Ola Loop

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    SW Idaho - Sweet - Dry Buck - High Valley - Ola Loop

    July 5, 2020
    Sweet - Dry Buck Road - Ola Loop
    Total Distance 60 miles
    Riding time 2 hr 30 min
    Min Temp 68 Max Temp 88
    Min Alt 2,457 Max Alt 5,955
    Start Location 43.94645 -116.31307

    An excellent ADV ride that starts in Sweet, ID and spends the next 40 miles on gravel / dirt roads, most of them single lane that pass through mountain meadows and USFS public lands. There are sections that have 50 turns to the mile and great views of the local peaks. Sweet, ID is located 35 miles North West of Boise ID. This is a three season ride as most of these roads are not passable between November and late May due to snow.
    inReachTrack2020-07-05.JPG0705201148.jpg0705201225.jpg0705201230.jpgIt is possible to add more that 100 miles of additional forest service roads by continuing towards Smith Ferry and following the signs passed Sage Hen all the way to McCall, ID.
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    Funny -- I just posted on your last thread. We have a few acres in High Valley. Looking forward to getting up there with the motorcycles next summer.

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