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Thread: BMW CCA "Roundel" Article Re: The BMW R18

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    Of course. Lots of Harley riders in the group as well. Maybe he can get a head start.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega Man View Post
    Of course. Lots of Harley riders in the group as well. Maybe he can get a head start.
    Working it! I have the distinct privilege of being these hero’s motorcycle mentor. Getting them on a bike for the first time and watching that “permagrin” form on the face. MOA recruiting information is mounted on my information wall.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 36654 View Post
    Working? /5? He did mention Yamaha.....

    Hmmm.......was I born when this happened?
    Yes, 1972. I was very young - whippersnapper! It was a great time to get into BMW bikes. The /5 was a very exciting model relative to the very outdated /2's. Then come the 900's and the R90S and the R100RS and the AMA Superbike competition. The new airhead series was developing very fast BMW was on a roll through the '70's!
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