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Thread: Finally got the TB's, new issue...*sigh*

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    Finally got the TB's, new issue...*sigh*

    I found an independent mechanic near me and decided to have him help me with the TB synch. Nice guy, gave me some great tips and tricks to use next time. He finally got TB's synched up in no time flat. He had to reset the TPS also.....However....

    When you try an rev the engine up, the engine bog's down and doesn't rev. To quote the mechanic "it's as if it's not getting any fuel". He was wondering if the fuel filter might be clogged, but I just had a new one installed about a month ago. He then noticed this yellowish substance on the backside of both cylinders where they connect to the TB's. I can't seem to upload a pix of the yellow substance. The part he suggested is the Inlet Manifold #11 61 1 340 769. He wanted me to check that first, then suggested that I check the coil pack next, to see if there's excessive resistance.

    If none of this works, then I'm going to have to take it into the dealership and have them rake me over the coals in cost. Ugh.

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    Itís such a basic mistake that I would not expect a paid mechanic to miss it. But the symptom sounds like the throttle cable on the right side isnít seated in the adjuster at the throttle body ferrule. You said that the fuel filter was just changed. Installed correctly? Possible that one of the hoses wasnít tightened fully?
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