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Thread: 03 R1150R How much free play between TRANSMISSION input shaft and output shaft?

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    03 R1150R How much free play between TRANSMISSION input shaft and output shaft?

    I recently purchased an 03 R1150R with 27k miles. The owner was told that the splines on the input shaft had stripped. Upon disassembly I found that the shaft was in tact with only a little wear in the middle and the clutch hub had stripped completely. I installed a modified clutch with the longer hub, applied the proper assembly lube on the splines, and at the clutch rod and flex plate contact points. After reassembly I noticed a rattle when the transmission was in neutral with the clutch lever released. It shifted nice, no chatter, no slipping, only the rattle when I stopped and released the clutch lever in neutral. At first I though it was the clutch rod rattling inside the input shaft, but the felt pad was intact and I lubed all contact points, so I pulled the starter, put the transmission in 1st gear, squeezed the clutch lever and put a screwdriver on the clutch disc to see if it would rotate and sure enough I got about 25 degrees of rotation in each direction. I pulled the transmission again and found that the clutch disc hub and input shaft were in perfect condition. When I rotate the input shaft with my fingers, there is about 25 degrees of rotation before the output shaft begins to turn. There is no visible damage to any of the gears, no metal in the oil, there were no noises or clunks when I was driving it, only the rattle when stopped in neutral? I am stumped. Any help here would be appreciated. From what I understand there should be almost no free play between the input shaft and output shaft when the transmission is in gear.

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    I never tried to measure it but that sounds about right to me. Synch the throttle bodies perfectly and most of the rattle in neutral will go away.
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