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Thread: SW Idaho - Owyhee Upland Wilderness Byway

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    SW Idaho - Owyhee Upland Wilderness Byway

    mudFlatRoadLoop.JPGOn June 26, 2020 I completed one of my buck list rides. The Owyhee uplands are a national treasure that should be on every adventure riders list. The Owyhee upland are the home of the five newest wildernesses in the lower 48 and a time machine into ranching life of 100 year ago. My Trip Report: Owyhee Upland Loop.pdf Wilderness Map: OwyheeWildernessMap.pdf GPX-OwyheeUplands.gpx
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    Owyhee Upland Byway

    Have taken several people down there and did that loop. It's a keeper, for sure. One memorable trip we rough camped near South Mountain. Grilled venison chops over aspen coals. Beautiful ride out of there the next morning. Glad you got it checked off.

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