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Thread: Vented Rear Differentials

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    Vented Rear Differentials

    I found a 3:13 rear differential to replace the ridiculous 2:91 on a 1957 R60. The 3:13 differential housing is vented. (The 2:91 was not)

    Does the vent indicate that the seals are compatible with straight wt or multi wt Gear Oil and not 40wt engine motor oil as the original Ď57 was specíd ?


    (Patience, $50 and a Bread Loaf Seat were traded for what appears to be be very nice Rear End Unit)

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    I don't think the vent has to do with seal replacement. According to this service bulletin, venting was added in the 1963 timeframe:

    But BMW's bulletin in 1966 mentioned changing seals and going to hypoid gear oil in 1966:

    I'm not sure you can know what's inside the replacement drive unless you know what bike it was originally on and any potential maintenance.

    From some spec pages, it does seem that the 3.13:1 final drive was common on the R60/2 models.
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    Thanks Kurt.
    Since I do not know the origin of that replacement rear end, I played it safe and just used the same 40w as in the transmission and engine.

    The 3:13 has completely changed the ride for the better. Iím still ďdancing around the poleď. Even with the stripped threads (Pig in a Poke) on the new used Rear End, the change is so delightful that no four letter words were involved. Iíll just repair next Winter.

    Thanks again,

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