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Thread: recommendation for good mechanic north east Indiana

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    recommendation for good mechanic north east Indiana

    moved from Gulf Coast to Fort Wayne last year, had to store my bike, 2006 1200GS, for about a year. After bike came out of storage I noticed a leak from back of engine where tranny attaches. I replaced the synthetic gear oil with 80W90. Suspected some seal had dried out while bike was in storage, went for several rides, still leaking. The consensus is that the counterbalance seal is leaking. Splitting engine is way above what I am comfortable with. I Am new to this area and would appreciate if anyone has a recommendation for capable /reputable shop or mechanic in Northern Indiana or western Ohio . Thanks in advance.

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    BMW of Grand Rapids Michigan, BMW of Southeast Michigan or Tom Woods BMW in Indianapolis. I have had good service experience with the shop in Grand Rapids and have heard that the Southeast Mi. shop is reputable. Tom Woods in Indianapolis is new (as noted elsewhere on the Forum) so I don't know much about them. You might let us know who you go with and your experience with them. All the best.

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