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Thread: Odd license request in used bike transaction....

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    If it makes a difference, when I bought my Harley I got it from an out of state dealer. They sent the paperwork to my state's DOT for licensing. It took just about three months for the plate to show up, my state was running way behind for some reason. I even called and asked and they told me to not worry about it, the plate will show up sooner or later! I put on quite a few miles, in three different states with no plate, nothing visible on the motorcycle for the police to know it was a new motorcycle. I carried the bill of sale and insurance paperwork just in case, but nobody cared.
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    In FL seller keeps the tag, and can use it for a new vehicle and save some $. Seller is supposed to report the sale . My local DMV is doing everything by mail since Covid.

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    I did a little research - Google is always my friend:

    The new owner can then apply for title, the original owner's plates cannot be used by the new owner.
    They must either have a valid plate in their name to transfer or purchase a new plate.

    Division of Motor Vehicles - › dmv › vehicle-services › titles
    W VA is just like South Dakota, the plate remains with the owner, not the motorcycle/vehicle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rinkydink View Post
    In Arkansas you do NOT send the tag with a sold vehicle. New owner would get a hefty fine for unregistered tags etc. The buyer has 20-30 days to register, pay sales tax if applicable, and tags. Dated bill of sale carried with bike is sufficient. The bigger factor is you better have proof of insurance or your vehicle will be impounded posthaste.
    I bought a car in Maryland and drove it home to Texas. Stopped in Georgia. I had my insurance papers from my other car but not this one. I told him that I was covered because I had just bought it and I had a limited period of time to get my Texas inspection and tags which I couldn't do without proof of insurance. If I just bought the car the insurance would cover it with the expectation of me adding it to my policy and getting it inspected and registered.
    Next thing I know, the supervisor shows up. He hears my story and concurs.

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