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Thread: pics not loading

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    Looking forward to happily posting pics easily again.
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    Pic not loading

    Greetings everyone… I am using gallery of my Verizon android Samsung phone… and I cannot post pictures either… if anyone can tell me what's wrong I would appreciate it
    Tom Casey
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    Tom -

    First have you been able to post pictures before or is this the first time you're having this problem? Have you typically posted from your phone?

    Most of the time, if you're trying to upload a picture from a device like a computer or a phone, it comes down to the image being too large. If you have a multi-pixel smartphone, I can almost guarantee that the pictures are too big. It's necessary to reduce the size image to something that is about 1Mb big to be sure that it will load probably. I typically only upload pictures from my computer where I have lots of control over the size. But from a smartphone, I'm not sure how to do that. I know sometimes with the email apps on phones, when you go attach a picture to an email, it might ask you about the quality of the image, so you might choose something like small, medium, or large...or some such.

    -- update -- Just noticed that you posted and included a picture in the R1200RTW T shirts thread. Does that mean that things are OK now?
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    By golly, gosh darn it works.
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