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Thread: Newbie to 1200 GS seeking advice

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    Newbie to 1200 GS seeking advice

    To all you GS aficinados. I did try searching the forum on this, but either I don't know how or not much info.? Probably me? Need recommendations and or feedback on the following. Thanks in advance!! I have a 2017.5 R1200GS( not lowered ). I also tried googling these items and sends you down a endless rabbit hole. Don't the hype from the vendors, so asking you hands on folks.
    #Din plug adapter for cell phone charging, iPod,etc.
    #are Pivot Pegz a good choice?
    #emergency one man/women bike lift?
    Regards and thanks again!

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    I can give you my opinion on the pivot pegz. If you are planning to do off-road, I think they are worth it, although it will take some getting use to. If you are going to be doing pavement riding, then I would not recommend getting it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by archeryman View Post
    #Din plug adapter for cell phone charging, iPod,etc.

    works well for me.

    Cheers, Ken
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    This video show 2 ways to lift your bike. I've used the second way several time with great success.
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    Thanks from newbie

    Thanks to you guys.

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    I had Pivot Pegz on my old 1200GS. I found there is no learning curve to use them. I currently have a set on my Honda 500X, one of the first upgrades I made to that bike. The build quality is outstanding, and would recommend to a friend. YMMV.

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    It is not a DIN to USB adaptor, but I was at the BMW bealer last week and picked up a SAE to USB adaptor that fits the fuzed plug mounted (Zipped tied) to the frame under the seat. It is even marked BMW Motorrad (oooooh..)! Part # on the pack is 71602365298. You never know what you will see in the showrooms.

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