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Thread: Nav VI and SD card... Connecting to Garmin Express

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    Nav VI and SD card... Connecting to Garmin Express

    The recent update to Garmin Express prompted me to connect my Nav6 and attempt the update. But, on my Windows 10 PC, I could not get Garmin Express to connect with my GPS unit. I had a 64Gb SD card in the GPS, and it had been working OK at some earlier time. But I discovered that if I removed the SD card, The GPS would immediately connect to Garmin Express on my Windows PC.

    Here's what I discovered: On Windows, the largest SD card that can be formatted with FAT32 is 32 Gb. However, if you have access to a Mac, then you can connect a 64Gb SD card, and format it as "MS-DOS-FAT." And then, if you place the "MS-DOS-FAT" formatted 64Gb SD card into the Nav6, a Windows 10 PC can connect and use the larger SD card in Garmin Express or Basecamp.

    Apparently, I had installed the 64 Gb card into the Nav6, and then used it on a Mac, and never tried to connect it to a PC. However, now, with the correct formatting, I can use my Nav6 while connected to either a Mac or a PC.

    Of course, my extra memory is completely empty anyway. Maybe someday I will buy enough maps to require that extra space.


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    Cap - Thanks for posting this. It's good to know about that work-around for formatting which you discovered. I switched from PC to MacOS about 12 years ago. I would have thought that the situation you discovered would have been made more difficult by using the Mac instead of the reverse.
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