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Thread: Alternator belt squeak?

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    Alternator belt squeak?

    Noticed the other day a little squeak at the very end of letting out the clutch, not all the time usually when the engine is colder. Is this something normal or do you think my belt is a bit too tight?
    Or maybe something else? This is new to me. Itís just the very end of the clutch engagement, and I havenít noticed it when Iím riding.

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    Amazingly, belts get tighter when they get warm. All types of belts do. So if a belt will squeak, it will most likely do it when cold.

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    I don't see any relationship between the alternator belt and the clutch release. Belts usually squeak on start up as the engine tries to spin the alternator instantly, more or less, and inertia in the alternator resists. Letting out the clutch once the engine is running doesn't do much of anything to the alternator belt.
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    Airheads can have a squeak with clutch application and that has to do with the fingers on the diaphragm spring and contact with the pressure plate. Usually during clutch overhaul, it's important to put some sticky grease on those fingers.

    If the Oilhead clutch is a similar setup to the Airhead, that could be a source of the noise.
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