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Thread: MOA April Edition Article of BMW Friendly take over of Harley Davidson

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    I have been on various internet groups for years, way back when Usenet was the only way to communicate as a group. One thing I have learned is you need to have thick skin to survive on most groups.

    Years ago I joined one group. Right off they started giving be crap about something. I stood my ground and politely argued my point with information from the internet. One day one of the members of the group pops in and says, "Guys, he is ok, we can let stay around!" It was nothing more than an initiation. If I had tuck tail and ran I would have missed out on a great bunch of people. I have met many of them in person.
    From the only real Fargo, ND!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    He, by accident, made a fool of himself.
    It could have been worse.

    In 1992 NPR had Rich Little do an impersonation of Richard Nixon on April 1st embedded into the other real broadcasts. He said something like that he had checked into the law and he could run again for President because he had not finished his second term due to some misunderstandings. Additionally, he said something like "I didn't do anything wrong and I won't do it again". People called into the network with their hair on fire and NPR played several of the phone calls the following day. Doesn't get much worse than letting the world know you got taken in by having your phone call broadcast to the world.

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    I found a reference to that April 1992 NPR piece with Rich Little playing Nixon: See:

    Recalling those days, I can imagine Wayne, that a lot of people went nuts when they heard it.
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