Just wrapped up my PMS and service at the 30,000 mark. Changed tires to Dunlop Sportsmax RoadSmart III. I purchased the tires at Cycle Shack North here in Conroe, TX (close to the house), they also mounted and balanced the tires. All in costs were just under $330.00. Shout out to Cycle Shack North. Great prices and excellent service. Not a BMW dealer - Not a problem. Good people to deal with.

Changed oil and filter also. Used a K&N KN-160 oil filter. I was able to remove the Mahle filter and install the K&N filter without loosening the side stand plate. Which was necessary due to the modification of the torx head on the hard to access side stand bolt by the previous service "techs". I really have to take some time here to ponder the thought process "techs" employ that will OK poor technique and degrade a bolt to the point where the proper torx wrench will not remove it. I am thinking maybe a new bolt install would have been in order. All of that aside, I loosened the shifter pivot bolt and had adequate room to dance the old filter out and install the new filter. I am using Castrol Power1 10W-40 4T oil for this service interval. This is a full synthetic oil. Not as inexpensive as the Rotella T6 5W-40 I used in the last service, but not a budget buster either.

Still leaves me with
1) Greasing up the rear drive splines. My plan is to use Loctite LB 8012, a metal free 65% molybdenum paste to lube the splines. Has anyone used this product for this purpose? The specs look good so I am not expecting any problems.
2) Flushing the brake system.
3) Replacing the clutch mineral oil.
4) Head west on Route 66.

This entire maintenance work and service is all new to me. Thankfully it has been nowhere as much fun as changing out the fuel pump was.