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Thread: What to look out for: 2007-2010 K1200GT - K1300GT models

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    What to look out for: 2007-2010 K1200GT - K1300GT models

    I've ridden R/Boxer bikes for 15+ yrs. Within that time I owned a 90's K1100LT that, while I loved it, the heat off the engine in the summer and some maintenance issues eventually saw me sell it. I absolutely loved the engine though as it was so different from my R bikes.

    I've recently found myself wanting to add a K-GT bike to the garage. Specifically looking at 2007 - 2010 GT models, based on budget and also as it probably won't get ridden as much as my boxers.

    That said, I'd appreciate any input on common mechanical/engine issues I should watch out for with any of the models. I think the servo brakes were discontinued after 2006. I'm assuming if I found one with a paper trail of maintenance, and a bike that's had a final drive inspection/spline lube would give me relative confidence to pick one up.

    Thoughts / comments? Thank you-

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    K1200GT’s were a temperamental bunch...I would opt for a 1300 if you can fine one in your price range. Here are the few things that in the relationship with a K12 that you might experience:

    Bucking/Jerking at low rpm
    Seldom power down when pulling in the clutch coming to a stop....this is usually foreseeable if the bike is acting “weird”
    The fuel strip is useless
    The clutch basket can be noisy due to cam chain.

    There are several things to do to try and correct all these items, of which I have not done....Booster Plug to help fuel mapping, aftermarket cam tensioner to reduce rattle, tricks for fuel strip

    Now my bike has 123k on the clock and has been across the country several times....I love it, but we are in a relationship and we understand each

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    When I was looking for my K1200GT, I had narrowed the search to just the 08 model. One of my main issues was to not have the servo brakes which were eliminated in 08 for standard brakes. The other big thing at that time was staying with the familiar to me turn signal switch configuration as I had other bikes with the same system and wanted to keep a consistant type when switching between rides which was why I chose not to look for a 1300. The 08 model I bought had all the early issues adressed by either updates or recalls that corrected the problems. Today, that is a different situation as I now have a F850GSA with the single turn signal switch. It does take a bit of conscious effort to mentally switch between the two styles at first.

    I really do enjoy the GT, though it took me a while to get it right for me. After adding bar risers and peg lowering kits as well as a Cal-Sci windshield, it became a much more comfortable bike for me. I will say though, when it comes time to do work on it, it is not the easiest bike to work on. Basic things are not too bad once you get used to the plastic removal, but less routine servicing is difficult due requiring a lot of disassembly to get to things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brianhinton View Post
    .I would opt for a 1300 if you can fine one in your price range.
    I agree. The 1300 corrected some of the early problems of the 1200.
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    Thanks for the feedback!

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