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Thread: Camping thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by henzilla View Post bears out east and maybe a little less intimidating than the western brown species..
    We've got the real deal up here: Ursus Horribilus

    The most famous local one is Bear 122, also known as "the King". He even kills other grizzlies:

    They were always a concern when we were camping in the back country. I would keep a cylinder of bear spray in a boot, next to my pillow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rinty View Post

    They were always a concern when we were camping in the back country. I would keep a cylinder of bear spray in a boot, next to my pillow.
    Once again I feel compelled to tell a story. One of the places we frequently camp when headed to the Pacific Northwest is Beaver Creek Campground in the Custer Gallatin National Forest, just off US 287, 25 miles northwest of West Yellowstone, Montana. It has signs about grizzly bear activity. And unlike other Forest Service Campgrounds with green envelopes and black letters this campground uses white envelopes with red letters stating, "WARNING Bears Are Active In this Campground." It is impossible to miss the warnings about possible bear activity.

    Another forest Forest Service Campground we sometimes use is a very small one in the Nebraska National Forest a few miles south of Chadron, Nebraska. This Red Cloud Campground used to have a well and pit toilets. It now has pit toilets but no well. It has about a half dozen sites. One time when we arrived at this campground there were no permit envelopes in the little box on the post.

    So I thought I might help the Forest Service out a bit. We were in Beaver Creek up by Yellowstone and I borrowed a few of their red and white registration envelopes thinking they might be useful at the Red Cloud Campground south of Chadron. So the very next time we got to Red Cloud Campground I put a few of the white with red lettering envelopes with their "WARNING Bears Are Active In this Campground" message in the box on the registration post.

    We did hear several cars arrive at the campground and then drive away. Probably just teenagers. We had a peaceful night with only one kid on a bicycle and us in the whole campground.
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    I have to remember that one Paul..
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    Quote Originally Posted by RIDERR1150GSADV View Post

    A bear-box is better and most campgrounds in bear country have them. I was at one campground in the Yukon that had bear fencing around it and was electrified at night. You were kindly asked not to pee on it....
    Definitely on the bear box. Very common to have bear boxes back east here, in National and State parks with bear populations. Shenandoah NP is a good example here in VA.

    I like the idea of the campsite with electric fence. Having spent a night with an aggressive bear marauding and trying to raid our remote campsite in Baxter State Park, I would definitely sleep better with an electric perimeter fence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by powwow View Post
    Just be smart about food storage, including toiletries such as toothpaste and you won't have any issues. .
    One time in Washington or Oregon we camped at a small private campground that did not have any warning signs or bear proof trash cans.
    We didn't feel like riding to town to eat so we got some junk food from the campground store and had a few things left which we kept in the tent.
    The next morning the campground owner showed us the bear they caught during the night
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    Spring cleaning

    Time to pull out gear again and add/subtract some new things and retire others. Thinking of trying a cot set- up at some point though the air mattress does fine.
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    Those of us who are planning a trip down the Trans Taiga have been going through our gear for awhile. I have a couple of things on the list for purchase but most is well serviceable after many of years in service.
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