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Thread: 76 R90/6 - Odometer Woes

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    76 R90/6 - Odometer Woes

    76 R90/6 - 28K miles. went on a beautiful ride over the weekend up to Newburgh, NY, but before the trip I decided to reset my trip-o-meter on my ODO for the first time since I have owned the bike (about 1,200 miles or so I have had the bike for and the ODO has given me no issue prior to this).

    After 50 miles or so, while on the 9/10th's of a mile, the trip-o-meter hung up and the ODO stopped logging miles. at the next gas stop i reset the trip-o-meter again and this time i made it to 16 miles and it hung up on 9/10th's of a mile again. when i got back to the garage i reset it again and got two two miles before it hung up on 9/10th's of a mile.

    .....what in tarnation!

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    Sounds like the classic case of the driving gear slipping on the shaft. This pictorial could help you dive into the speedometer, reset the wheel, and then put some glue (eg, JBWeld) to hold the gear in place.

    Be careful with the thin electronic sheet when disassembling. They can become brittle over time and the electronic tracing can crack. There is an aftermarket replacement made by KatDash.
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    Do yourself a favor. Contact Terry Vrla and send your entire cluster to him for repair of the problem and an overhaul. He does great work at a reasonable price. Over time and miles these instruments start failing in many different ways.
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    but how could it be that everything was working completely fine until i touched that trip reset just once? seems kinda bogus.

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    In my case, one of the gears just split apart. I bought a “parts” cluster on eBay and took the needed part from that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by concernedparent View Post
    but how could it be that everything was working completely fine until i touched that trip reset just once? seems kinda bogus.
    Nobody is "BOGUS" !!! What has been said, is right.....Inside that speedometer and to a lesser degree the tach. Those units are FULL OF PLASTIC parts, that, inside that black case known as a housing, sit in the sun unknown hours of baking. Sooner or later that plastic is gonna "give"". As is what surely happened when you pushed down that "button". Either take it apart and fix it as suggested or send it off, as suggested. Nobody is "BOGUS". God bless....Dennis

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    Quote Originally Posted by concernedparent View Post
    ...seems kinda bogus.
    Well, 44 years is pretty good service life, especially for plastic parts.

    The odos in some of the air cooled Porsches have the same issue. Some owners fix them themselves, but it's a pretty delicate procedure.

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