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Thread: R1100RT Hall Effect Sensor replacement?

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    R1100RT Hall Effect Sensor replacement?

    I've had a '99 1100RT for a few years now. 34K Miles, so very low miles. Runs great and absolutely zero issues with it. But, it has the original HES which worries me as I'm aware of the potential failures that can leave one stranded. I've ridden for hours in torrential downpours with no issues and

    That said, I'm planning on buying a new one and swapping it out - simply for piece of mind. I've found some replacements on Beemer Boneyard. One's Bosch-made and the other is not. I'll likely order the Bosch, but I like how the other one details that it has high-temp silicone wiring - and I know hight temps and the wiring is one of the problems with the original HES possible failure.

    Am I overthinking this? Any recos or experiences with either are appreciated. Thank you!

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    Three years ago, I rewired mine. Thread here:

    I highly recommend sending it to GSAddict who is a regular here for a rewire. He has done MANY of them, and is fast. Way cheaper than buying one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsouth View Post
    Three years ago, I rewired mine. Thread here:

    I highly recommend sending it to GSAddict who is a regular here for a rewire. He has done MANY of them, and is fast. Way cheaper than buying one.
    Thank you for the recommendation.
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    Need your R11xx Hall sensor rewired? PM me.

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    GSAddict is the way to go. He has done 4 for me & no problems!
    Thanks Reto!

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    My 96 1100rt ran fine. But after reading many post about the Hall Sensor failures, I took mine out. The wire coating was just completely falling off. I was lucky. I sent mine to GSaddict and he did a great job of rebuilding it. Buying a new one is, I would say, pointless, as he can fix the old one to like new condition for a very reasonable price.

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    A few summers ago my year 2000 R1100RT began to occasionally feel like it was missing a beat.- barely discernible, could have been mistaken for 'the surge'. The bike had a bit over 80K miles on it at that time.

    Thinking it might in fact be an impending dreaded HES failure I purchased replacement wiring with high temp insulation. When the wiring arrived I parked the package on a shelf in the garage.

    The replacement wiring was still sitting on the shelf when halfway between Michigan and North Carolina, motoring through a light rain down a back road in Kentucky the engine stopped - dead as a door nail.

    When I got the bike home and pulled the HES the cooked wiring insulation looked like every picture of a failed R1100 HES that I'd seen on this forum.

    You are NOT overthinking it.
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    Thanks, everyone, for the input! Much appreciated.

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