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Thread: Hi question on 2012 R1200rtp

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    Hi question on 2012 R1200rtp

    Hi folks. Awaiting delivery of R1200rtp purchased in Calif.

    The police bike has a (radio box) behind drivers seat. Donít think I
    Will need so will take off. When police mounted this radio
    Box they removed the support and mounting plate
    For the top luggage piece. Does anyone know if I
    Will have a need for this radio box and name of
    Rear luggage support bracket? Thanks. James

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    Probably can figure it out from REAL OEM:,0440_&mg=46
    Bill in Highlands Ranch, CO
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    Thanks Alex. Oem would work great for regular BME R1200
    But RTP has different add ons. Will. Keep looking.

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    MAX BMW has Kits available to convert an RTP to dual seats and normal cases
    Chuck Swenson
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    As Ajax said, the RT-P is in the fiche just like the regular RTs are. If it was further customized by the department that owned it, then of course no one but you will know what those mods are.

    My advice is to enjoy it the way it is. If you don't want an RT-P, then buy what you do want.
    Anton Largiader 72724
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    Hi, thanks for input! Bought it for 5k to see if I liked the
    R1200rt model, if so then will upgrade. I was thinking
    More on a Corbin seat. Not many good upgrade guys
    Here on Gulf Coast.


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