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Thread: schuberth / sena 10U

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    schuberth / sena 10U

    I'm trying to pair my schuberth / sena 10 u with a second helmet on my 2019 R1250RT and when I try to pair the second helmet the message comes up on the screen "not possible" . I unpaired all helmets to start over again , but it came up with the same message . any ideas ? thanks

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    Not an option.

    I hope I caught you before you invested too many hours and attempts. The pairing of two helmets with the bike is only available with the Proprietary BMW helmets, only available (to the best of my knowledge) in Europe.

    One helmet for any other Bluetooth protocol like sena or cardo.
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    Thanks , I'm glad I didn't waste a lot of time on that . I appreciate the info !

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